7 Ways to Make Your Home Smarter

A smart home is one you can control with a simple click on your smartphone, wherever you are. The idea is to connect different gadgets and devices, thus improving the overall functionality of your home.

If you follow the latest trends, here are a couple of ideas for you to turn your place into a 21st century home. 

Smart Lights

Interactive lights are one of the landmarks of smart homes. You can control smart lighting systems from a central hub, but also, they can work just as fine independently. 

The main advantage of installing smart lights is not having to get up the next time you fall asleep with the lights on. You could simply turn them off using an app on your phone. Or, just by saying “turn the lights off” to your phone.

Also, imagine a room in which your smart lights interact with speakers? Thus, the lights could change depending on the volume of the music. That looks pretty impressive and guarantees great home parties.

Besides, you could adjust the lighting via your smartphone. The latest generation of smart bulbs, such as Amazon Echo, can be controlled via Wi-FI, Bluetooth, or an app.

Smart Security System

Except for aesthetics, technology can help you make your home safer as well. For example, smart security systems allow you to control your door locks with your phone only. It would no longer be necessary to carry keys with you, and losing keys would not be the problem anymore.

Smart locks can also work on passcodes, ensuring only people who know the code can access your home. 

Also, thanks to a smart security system, you can know what is happening in your home while you are away. Smart cameras would allow you to keep an eye on your place in real-time. At the same time, in case of a burglary or unplanned damage, you would be the first to know. The smart security system would notify you immediately on your phone.

Smart Sound System

You have probably heard of Amazon’s Alexa. As you probably know, it is much more than a speaker for playing music. It is a powerful and interactive multifunctional sound system that can

  • – Provide information
  • – Deliver news
  • – Browse the web for you
  • – Shop on Amazon
  • – Control other gadgets in your home

Of course, apart from Alexa, other manufacturers also have their versions of smart sound systems. For example, Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem is powered by Siri and can act as the central home hub.

On the other hand, Google’s Home Max is a speaker with a premium audio experience, which is capable to adapt to different tastes, environments, and content. 

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are another innovative way to use the latest technology to make a more comfortable home. For example, if you are coming back home from a trip, smart thermostats can enable you to turn on the heating from your phone, before you arrive. Thus, you don’t have to freeze and wait for the house to warm up. 

However, the latest smart thermostats go much farther than that. They can also automatically detect your presence/absence, or the temperature inside and outside the house. 

Thus, smart thermostats do much more than heating automation. They also contribute to reduced energy waste, a greener planet, and significantly reduced bills. 

Smart Irrigation

If you have a garden, technology has some great news for you. Smart irrigation systems, such as those produced by Rachio and Wyze Labs, will take care of the lawn, your orchard, or your flowers instead of you. 

Forget about bothering neighbors to water your plants while you are on vacation. Also, forget about underwatering or accidentally overwatering your precious plants. These devices will automatically detect a lack of water in the soil and trigger the sprinklers. You could control and monitor what is going on with your garden right from your phone.

At the same time, you will use water much more efficiently, which is a big thing for the future.

Being Smart Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Digital: Smart Storage 

Being smart doesn’t necessarily mean being high-tech. If you want a smart home, you also need a smart design. 

For example, smart storage solutions are brilliant solutions for small living spaces. Also, just because a kitchen is small, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be functional. A small portable fridge or smart shelves will boost the functionality while looking stylish and original. 

Vacuum and Smart Cleaners

If there is a way for the machines to wash your dishes, why wouldn’t there be a way for them to vacuum your home? 

There are many different devices that can help you have a sparkling-clean home. Using the internet and GPS, you can give these modern vacuums a map of your floor. Thus, they can move around the house and pick up the dust, pet hair, and then wash the debris.

Of course, these cleaners aren’t perfect. They can’t really climb the stairs or pick up used beer cans after a party. But still, as long as your floors are moderately messy, you could come back from work and rest instead of having to do the cleaning.

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Source: Zen of Zada

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