6 DIY Projects for the Whole Family

young child, held up by adult man, brushes blue paint on interior house wall

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you have plenty of home improvement projects on your to-do list.

Before you tackle your next DIY project, consider making it a family affair. Getting your children involved can help you create memories together while teaching them important new skills along the way.

So change into some old clothes and grab your tools. Here are six family-friendly DIY projects you can try together:

  1. Painting. Whether it’s refreshing a room or bringing new life to a piece of furniture, let your kids brush up on their painting skills by adding a splash of color around the house. Knowing they helped with the work will make the transformation even more rewarding. And if they make a mistake, you can easily help them touch it up. Painting a hard-to-reach area? Don’t forget to follow these ladder safety tips.
  2. Plant a garden. Whether you desire fresh, home-grown produce or are having trouble getting your kids to eat their vegetables, gardening could be the perfect solution. Pick out seeds or seedlings together through a mail-order catalog, local garden center, or community grocery store. Then, let everyone help plant them outside (or in pots) when you get home. Once you harvest your vegetables, they’ll taste even better knowing you grew them together. If you are planning a garden bed, don’t forget to call 811 before you dig.
  3. Brighten your mailbox. Grab some paint and let your kids use their creativity to decorate that fading mailbox. Just be sure your house number is clearly legible and you’re following the United States Postal Service rules for mailbox installation, as well as any guidance from your homeowners association if you have one.
  4. Install solar pathway lights. Looking to brighten the outside of your house while staying environmentally friendly? Solar lights are simple to install and can be easily found online or at your local hardware store. Help your kids space them out evenly along the edges of your driveway or sidewalk. Then, watch their reaction as they light up the yard at night. See what else made our list of ideas on how to improve your home lighting.
  5. Decorate your mantle. Bring some warmth and creativity to the centerpiece of your home. Have your kids help decorate by making a seasonal craft, picture or sign for your mantle. Don’t have a fireplace? Ask for their assistance in hanging up or straightening family photos on your walls. See what made our list of tips to protect and preserve family photos.
  6. Build a desk. Would your kids benefit from their own place to do homework or make crafts? If so, have them assist in building their very own desk. There’s no shortage of DIY desk ideas online to draw inspiration from. Have your kids help in picking the perfect plan and color for your space, then get to work.

We understand home is more than a place. It’s the feeling you get when you’re together with the ones you love most. At Erie Insurance, our pledge is to help protect the beams and the boards, sure, but also the other things that make your house a home. Contact us to learn more about homeowners insurance from ERIE and find an agent in your neighborhood today.


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